Jun 2023

Ep 16 - Shawn Perillo: The Power of Online Presence: How Shawn Perillo Doubled His Income

Perillo Property Maintenance is a residential and commercial maintenance company located in Hopewell Junction, New York. They offer a wide variety of services including lawn maintenance, shrub trimming, deer repellent spray, and mosquito control. The owner, Shawn Perillo, has been in the landscaping industry since he was 13 years old and started his own company seven years ago. They prioritize quality work and have recently expanded their services to include weed control, fertilization, and mosquito and tick control.

About the Business


“My online presence with the website and social media makes up about 85% of my leads… My income doubled from social media. Social media and online presence have made a huge impact on my business.”

1) Shawn Perillo started his own landscaping company, Perillo Property Maintenance, seven years ago after working for other companies in the industry. 2) Word of mouth was the main source of leads when Shawn started his business, but he has now shifted to relying heavily on online presence and social media for generating leads. 3) Shawn plans to transition his business from a lawn care company to a weed control, fertilization, and mosquito control company in the next five years. 4) One of Shawn’s proudest moments since starting the business is gaining the respect and admiration of his family, especially his daughter. 5) His advice for entrepreneurs is to prioritize quality work and not get caught up in having the latest and greatest equipment when starting out.


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