Dec 2023

Ep 28: Jonathan A. Henne - Building a landscaping family legacy

Jonathan A. Henne Property Services is a lawn care and landscaping company established by Jonathan Henne, who grew up in the industry under the mentorship of his late father, Dean Henne. Operating for six years, this Hamburg, Pennsylvania-based business emphasizes customer relationships and quality service, driven by Jonathan’s passion for the trade and commitment to his familial legacy. With an emphasis on both residential and commercial services, the company prides itself on hard work, community involvement, and a dedication to upholding the values instilled by Jonathan’s father, symbolized by the oak tree in their logo.

About the Business


“Even when overwhelmed, I’m driven by my ambition to do better. It’s not just about the equipment or the jobs, but about treating people right and creating a work environment where everyone can enjoy what they do. Ultimately, it’s about giving back, providing unmatched service, and building a legacy that honors family and community.”

1. Jonathan Henne’s father ran a landscaping business that Jonathan got involved with from a young age, but after his father’s passing, the business was shut down. Years later, Jonathan was able to start his own lawn care business, now in its sixth year. 2. Jonathan’s early days included working with used mowers that required personal repair and maintenance, focusing on economical startup and avoiding heavy investments without economic certainty. 3. The business primarily attracts customers through word of mouth, along with supplemental avenues such as Facebook, and now with a new website through Topline Pro. 4. Jonathan Henne Property Services currently has one person in the office and four field employees, aiming for expansion with additional crews, maintaining a strong customer relationship focus and giving back to the community through charitable services.


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