Mar 2023

Ep 8 - Lauren Fink: Aiming for a Million-Dollar Painting Business in 3 years

Apex Painting is a rapidly growing painting company in the Midwest, founded by CEO Lauren Fink. In just 18 months, the company has generated over one million dollars in revenue. Apex Painting focuses on providing excellent customer and employee experiences while delivering high-quality painting services. The company is a proud member of the Painting Contractors Association.

About the Business


“You have to want to fail fast. You have to kind of love pain and failure. If you love it, you will be aggressive in learning fast… if you fail slowly, all of your pain is drawn out and your lessons are slow in their cadence.”

1) Lauren Fink’s unique entry into the painting business and the support of her mentor and local painter Steve. 2) The importance of finding good resources and connecting with the Painting Contractors Association for growth and learning. 3) The challenges of starting and growing a business while maintaining a work-life balance as a mother of five kids. 4) The importance of vision when starting a business, as well as the ability to learn and adapt quickly.


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