Aug 2023

Ep 19 - Mike Blumenthal: Unveiling the secrets of Google Business Profiles

Near Media is an analyst company focused on local search. They provide online publications that report on reputation reviews and local search. They specialize in understanding Google Business profiles and offer consumer behavior research related to Google. Their expertise lies in local SEO and helping businesses market themselves and achieve conversions through Google.

About the Business


Google Business Profiles are critical for home service professionals. From the analysis I’ve done in various categories and industries, 40-90% of last touch lead generation occurs through Google… and in local, Google is far and away more dominant even than in general search.

1. Google Business Profiles are extremely important for home service entrepreneurs. Most consumers rely on Google to find and research new businesses, making it crucial for entrepreneurs to have a strong presence on Google. 2. Google Business Profiles generate 40-90% of last touch lead generation in local search. 3. In addition to reviews, Google’s local algorithm takes into account proximity, relevance, and prominence when ranking businesses in local searches. 4. It’s important for home service professionals to make their Google Business profiles look good by adding great photos, optimizing their website, and focusing on internal linking. 5. Google has somewhat recently implemented a new review filtering algorithm, which has resulted in many reviews being removed from Google Business Profiles. If a business believes their reviews have been mistakenly removed, they can submit a request to Google and provide proof of the missing review


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