Sep 2023

Ep 23 - Stacey Conkle: Creating A Beautiful Day: The road to building a cleaning empire

A Beautiful Day Cleaning is a professional house cleaning service owned by Stacey Conkle. Based in Northwest Arkansas, the company is geared towards residential cleaning. With a team of high-quality, dedicated staff, A Beautiful Day Cleaning aims to deliver consistent, high-quality cleaning services. The business prides itself on easy and clear communication, flexible scheduling, and reliable service.

About the Business


“I have goals of high revenue, a million dollars. It is simple to get there. You need to continue to bring leads in and win the sale, consistently deliver well and staff well. Staffing is not easy, especially in the service industry. You’ve got to take care of your staff, build a company with trust factors. Pay well above average, which makes our price point slightly higher because we have to pay for quality and service.”

1. Stacey Conkle is the owner of two cleaning businesses, Cozy Cabin Cleaning, a vacation cleaning service, and A Beautiful Day Cleaning, a professional house cleaning and made service. 2. She started her businesses due to a gap in the local market for vacation rental cleaning services and later expanded into residential cleaning. 3. Stacey initially spent significant amounts of money on marketing and SEO services, but later consolidated everything to Topline Pro, finding its offerings to be vastly better value. 4. She has roughly 60 customers and is aiming to scale her business up, with a goal of reaching $1 million in revenue. 5. Despite the challenges of running two businesses and some expensive marketing mistakes, she has learned to be more comfortable with the unknown and stresses the importance of taking care of her staff


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