Feb 2023

Ep 4: Jered Cunningham - Growing from <$100K to >$2M

Cunningham Lawn & Landscaping has been an established landscaping company since 2013 in the greater Volusia County area, covering Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach and the entire West Volusia area. Servicing over 400 properties with a variety of landscaping and hardscaping employees.

About the Business


Topline Pro built the initial website for me and it just took off. With people being able to go to our website and click leave an estimate is super nice. Today everything’s technology and it’s helped majorly.

1) Expanding the business has helped it grow over time: we live by the tagline “If you dream it we can do it”. 2) If you put your name in the company name, you appreciate it more and you have something that reflects you. 3) It is huge to get customer feedback and ask for reviews - the image of the business is critical.


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