Jun 2023

Ep 14 - Luke Hansen (CompanyCam): Harnessing technology for success in the trades

CompanyCam is a platform designed for contractors, offering a solution for organizing job site photos and real-time visual communication using photos, videos, comments, and mentions. Trusted by over 30,000 service providers CompanyCam aims to be the only app every contractor needs to track job progress and communicate with their crew.

About the Business


“If you can do something with technology that saves you time, you probably should do it, it’s going to allow your business to grow and to scale faster… if you are not ready to go along with change, the next person will be, and they’re just going to be able to move faster than you because they’re now driving a faster car.”

1) History of CompanyCam: how the company began as a solution to organizing photos and has since evolved into a platform enabling real-time visual communication using photos, videos, comments, and mentions 2) The balance between adopting new technology and focusing on the core work in the trades 3) Why the future is bright for the trades 4) How advancements in technology will affect the industry


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