Sep 2023

Ep 22 - Cale Schindler: Turning a passion into a thriving landscaping business

Fayette Property Solutions is a renowned landscaping contractor business based in Fayetteville, Georgia. Launched in 2018, this successful family-run operation offers both residential and commercial services, tackling large scale, high-ticket projects, such as brush removal, gravel driveway maintenance, and detention pond maintenance. While currently a two-man operation run by Cale Schindler and his father, Fayette Property Solutions has a serene track record, rivaling the output of eight to ten-person crews due to their remarkable teamwork and efficiency. The company boasts a solid backlog of projects and continues to grow in profit and reputation, with Schindler crediting strong customer service and effective communication as key components to their continued success.

About the Business


“One piece of advice I would give to a pro just starting out is to have the best customer service and communication. People will call a contractor and the contractor says they’ll be out there at a certain date but never comes. 10 contractors that somebody’s reached out to with no callback. Or if they did get an answer, you know, nobody showed up. You could really set yourself apart from the competition if you just have good customer service, do what you say you’re going to do and communicate efficiently with your customers.”

1. Cale’s journey from doing odd jobs in the neighborhood with a small pickup truck to starting a large scale landscaping business with his father in 2018. 2. The decision to invest around $45,000 into equipment and infrastructure without having any customers. 3. How the father-son duo managed to accomplish tasks that would normally require six to eight people, primarily due to their teamwork and efficiency. 4. Cale’s biggest regret: holding onto a day job for too long, which he believes hindered the growth of his business. 5. The importance of keeping commitments and communicating effectively with clients


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