Sep 2023

Ep 24: Josh Thompson - From cleaning service to a thriving painting business

JT’s Painting is a New York based company owned by Josh Thompson, which offers a range of services including interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, staining, and drywall. Josh has 18 years of experience in the industry, having started with cleaning services before discovering his passion for painting. The company takes pride in its quality of work, with a focus on customer satisfaction. The business employs three people and takes advantage of online platforms like Google and Facebook to reach more potential customers.

About the Business


“Stick to the process. Don’t get cold feet. You know, and just do good quality work every single time. My biggest mistake would be not really a mistake, but just not doing this sooner, not starting it sooner. Personally, I just want better for my children and their children trying to pave a future instead of just, you know, having to rely on dead end jobs… Create an empire.”

1. Josh Thompson, owner of JT’s Painting, shares origins of his business, which stemmed from his father’s cleaning service where they occasionally performed interior and exterior painting jobs. 2. Josh recounts certain challenges of starting the business, finding quality workers that met his high standards for quality and dealing with varying levels of demand. 3. He also shares his strategies for getting business, which include ads on Google, strong positive online reviews, word of mouth, and partnerships with local paint stores. 4. Josh also shares his strategies for increasing exposure and drive high quality work, such as staying up to date on new painting techniques and tools through participation in various painting groups on social media, and having a strong Google profile with 5-star reviews. 5. In the future, Josh wants to expand his workforce, have a more solid schedule, and book jobs several months in advance. His ultimate goal is to provide a better life for his children and succeeding generations by creating a sustainable and thriving business.


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