Sep 2023

Ep 25: Rick Doria - Conquering the grease and scaling a hood cleaning business

Centex Pressure Washing, now owned by Rick Doria, is a hood cleaning and pressure washing service based in San Marcos, Texas. With more than 30 years in the industry, the business mainly serves clients in the restaurant and food sector. Key services offered include vent hood cleaning, fan repairs, and a filter exchange program. Doria’s goal for the business is not only to generate high profits, but also to foster a positive and respectful culture for his employees.

About the Business


“My goal is to hit a million in revenue. In the next two years following that I want to have a turnkey operation. I want to build a culture, I want to have a network of people, and build young people in the business.” - Rick Doria

1. Rick Doria discussed how he bought Centex Pressure Washing, which he used to work for during his college years. After working for a call center for 18 years, he bought Centex Pressure Washing and turned it into a company that made 50% profit in one year. 2. Doria attributes the success of his company to creating a work culture that values respect and serving others. He considers his workers his partners and goes out of his way to make sure they have what they need to perform their job well. 3. Doria shared that he has been able to grow Centex by building personal relationships and partnerships with his clients rather than focusing solely on making profits. He discussed how he treats his employees well and respects them, which has resulted in low employee turnover and a positive workplace culture. 4. Looking ahead, Doria aims to create a turnkey operation for Centex and expand into other businesses that align with pressure washing, such as fire safety and fan repair. Eventually, he would also like to branch out into real estate.


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