Feb 2023

Ep 1: Nick Slavik | How Contractors Need to Adapt to Modern Homeowner Expectations

Nick has been a craftsman for more than 29 years. His company has been awarded more than 15 National awards for craftsmanship over the last 5 years. He is the host of Ask a Painter Live - a weekly live social media show where he speaks to current industry topics and answers questions live from the internet. He has created a rigorous Apprenticeship program where he finds, trains, inspires and mentors young people in his craft. Nick speaks nationally and internationally on the subjects of entrepreneurship, trades reform, apprenticeship, craftsmanship and coating science in his Masters Classes series of educational events. In 2018 he was made a family member over at This Old House.

About the Business


There are 330,000 painting business owners in the U.S. and 99% don’t have fully professional businesses…and if we were to just give them a professional website, a social media presence and show them the basics, that entrance fee of separate checkbook, and things like that their lives would turn around in a second. Thus the service Topline Pro offers them is unique and appreciated.

You don’t have to be extreme you just have to be consistent…the biggest mistake is waiting to market till the exact moment you need more work.


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