Apr 2024

Ep 36: Kali Sudbrook - From fitness coaching to fitness space design and remodeling

Beachside Interiors Design & Remodeling is a company based in the Newport Beach area, specializing in transforming residential and commercial spaces into fitness and wellness havens. Their services encompass creating custom garage gyms, home office gyms, sauna and cold plunge recovery suites, and backyard fitness sheds. Owned by Kali Sudbrook, the business offers a unique blend of interior design and remodeling with a focus on health, wellness, and efficient use of space. Beachside Interiors leverages Kali’s background in kinesiology and personal experience in home remodeling to deliver personalized and innovative solutions to their clients.

About the Business


“My very last job was the biggest job to date that I’ve ever worked on. And my proudest moment was getting that first check where I thought, no one’s ever going to pay this. And it was like 40 percent down on the very first day of construction. And I went to the bank and deposited it. And I was just like, holy crap, this just happened.“”

1. Kali Sudbrook transitioned from a career in fitness and kinesiology to opening her own remodeling business, specializing in creating fitness and wellness spaces. 2. Networking and maintaining positive relationships from her previous career played a crucial role in her business’s growth and client acquisition. 3. Kali emphasizes the importance of including all costs in project estimates to ensure profitability, a lesson learned from early underestimating. 4. Sudbrook utilizes technology and AI to manage her business efficiently, focusing on a select geographic area to optimize her operations and client service


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