May 2023

Ep 13 - Steve Lockwood: The power of 100 phone calls a day building a painting business

Lockwood Finishes is a successful painting company located in Springfield, Illinois, owned and operated by Steve Lockwood. Specializing in both interior and exterior painting projects, Lockwood Finishes has built a strong reputation in their local community through their commitment to quality work and exceptional customer service. Growing their brand through a combination of word of mouth, social media, and a professional website, Lockwood Finishes continues to expand and aims to provide consistent work for a larger team of employees in the near future.

About the Business


“I started out by making a hundred phone calls a day. I challenged myself to do that, and I did it multiple times. A hundred phone calls in one day can be done, so I started calling apartment complexes. I started calling realtors. I started calling plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors. I called the drywall companies and I called other painting contractors…. I just knew that I needed to get a job, I needed to get out there, I didn’t care what needed to be painted, I just wanted to paint something. And so I painted some pretty dirty places. But when you’re trying to start, no offense, you can’t be picky.”

Steve’s start in the painting industry and the knowledge he gained through on-the-job training. Steve’s unique approach to building a client base through making 100 phone calls a day. The importance of job costing in maintaining a sustainable business. The story and motivation behind choosing the name Lockwood Finishes. Lockwood Finishes has grown enough to provide consistent work for seven to 10 employees in the near future.


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