Feb 2023

Ep 3: Shaun Temple | Adapting to Modern Times as a Painting Business Owner

Legendary Painting is a painting business based out of Gresham, Oregon. Shaun Temple is a dedicated co-business owner along with Wayne M. that has several years experience in the industry. Shaun is a dedicated father and business owner that always puts his customers first, taking an incremental improvement mentality to continuously improve the business. He believes in the power of the everyday contractor and helping to lift up the industry.

About the Business


I just want to make a change for people and help the industry grow and grow... You have to be present and visible...Everyday I wake up and my website is there no matter what I do.

Helping to lift up the industry for mom and pop business owners means simplifying and providing technology that helps them operate at an elevated level without costing a fortune.


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