May 2023

Ep 12 - Jeff Wraley: Revolutionizing the Sales Process for Contractors

Groundwork is a platform that aims to streamline the sales process for contractors through a simple collaboration tool using text and video. With the goal of saving contractors time and increasing their close rate, Groundwork facilitates better communication and relationship-building between contractors and their potential clients. This leads to not only increased efficiency but also greater customer satisfaction in the home service industry.

About the Business


“The shift that we are seeing is absolutely tectonic… homeowners want technology in the process. When you put technology in the process, whether that be from a marketing, sales, or estimating production side of things, it all matters. I think contractors that pay attention now as opposed to a couple of years from now are going to be obviously ahead.”

1) Jeff’s journey from running a lawn mowing business to founding Groundwork. 2) Groundwork’s simple collaboration tool using text and video to streamline contractors’ sales process. 3) The positive impact of digital tools on the home service industry, as consumers want a quicker, easier way to get projects started. 4) The importance of adaptability, experimentation, and refining one’s process in both software and home service businesses


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