Apr 2023

Ep 11 - Matt Ringle: Growing a landscaping business from $40K to $850K

Curb Impressions is a full-service landscaping company based in Toledo, Ohio, that focuses on providing exceptional services to clients, growing mainly through word-of-mouth marketing. With highly skilled employees, the company takes the time to deliver quality work, building a positive reputation in their community. Curb Impressions has experienced significant growth over the years, reaching over $850,000 in revenue last year.

About the Business


1. Matt Ringle started Curb Impressions with only eight lawns and has built it into a successful business. 2. The landscaping company focuses on providing exceptional service and high-quality work. 3. Matt discusses how the company’s website, social media, and overall online presence have been crucial in growing their business. 4. Instead of cutting corners, the employees at Curb Impressions focus on delivering quality work, which has led to more clients and a positive reputation in their community.


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