Mar 2023

Ep 6: Joshua Binkley - 'No-quit' mentality to building an elite brick-and-mortar auto detailing shop

Joshua Binkley is the owner and operator of OKC Onsite Detailing, a leading onsite auto detailing company in Oklahoma. The business provides professional mobile detailing services with a completely self contained van & quality paint corrections and ceramic coatings at a new shop facility conveniently located off I-35 in North Oklahoma City.

About the Business


"Don't give up in the beginning. When it gets tough a lot of people don't see the life of an entrepreneur in one week that you made several thousand and the next week you made $0. There is a lot of financial and time freedom if you do it right owning your own business. It brings a lot freedom but a lot of responsibility that should keep entrepreneurs driven and hungry."

1) Don’t be afraid to invest in your online presence for what it can do for the business. 2) Focus on quality over quantity and the business will organically grow. 3) Take pride in cultivating a positive work environment for a strong team. 4) Charge what you’re worth to be able to provide quality services


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