Apr 2023

Ep 10 - Jon Sanchez: The power of on-the-job education and learning from mistakes

Tru Frame Outdoor Structures is a small, family-owned construction company in northeast Wisconsin specializing in sunrooms, decks, screen rooms, and more. They pride themselves on delivering a high-quality customer experience and putting passion into every project. As demand for their services has increased during the pandemic, Tru Frame continues to strive to be the best in the area and a trusted name in home construction.

About the Business


“I want to be the best in the area. I want to be that well-known name. I want to be a name that people trust, that they can believe is going to deliver on what they’re saying they’ll deliver.”

1)Tru Frame’s growth and success, including 82 lead requests through their website in just over a year 2). Deciding whether to pursue a career in construction or go to college 3) Why Jon attributes his expertise to hands-on experience and spending a decade in the industry 4) The importance of passion and customer care in the construction business 5) Adapting to changes and challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and increased customer expectations


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