May 2024

Ep 38: John Ross - From sales to suds: The LeafTide Solutions story

LeafTide Solutions is a pressure washing and cleaning company based in Richmond, Virginia, servicing the area and its surroundings. Owned by John Ross, the business specializes not just in pressure washing, but also offers seasonal services such as gutter cleaning and maintenance. John Ross established LeafTide Solutions by transitioning from a sales job to running his own business, driven by a passion for cleaning and a desire for self-employment.

About the Business


“It’s never too late to do something. I’m in my early thirties, I wish I started something like this when I was in my early twenties... But I would just say, don’t be scared. Just make sure you do all your due diligence before you get into it, and then make sure you carry it as your own.”

1. John Ross founded LeafTide Solutions by combining his interest in cleaning with his skills acquired from previous jobs, transitioning from a dissatisfaction in sales to operating his own business. 2. Ross utilizes the Topline Pro app effectively, becoming the top user for the platform’s before and after feature, highlighting the success of his marketing strategies. 3. Despite challenges, LeafTide Solutions has grown significantly, being booked out for a month in advance and leveraging positive Google reviews and word-of-mouth for client acquisition. 4. Ross is planning on staffing and expanding operations, intending to implement a veteran wash program to give back to the community, echoing his growth mindset and forward planning.


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