Google Ads

Engage new customers, and grow your business with Google Ads.

Google Ads
About the app

With Google Ads, you can promote your business on Google Search, YouTube, Google maps, and other sites on the internet. For example, your business can appear at the top of suggested search results for customers when they search for businesses like yours on Google Search or Google Maps. You can create specific ad campaign goals, such as increasing website visits, and customize your budget.

How it works

Google Ads will display your ad when people search online for related terms to your business. First, you select your particular goal, such as increasing phone calls or website visits. You then can preview and pick the format of your ad message - whether in the form of a search result, a display ad, or a map ad. Next, you’ll choose your key words or the phrases relevant to your business. When a person searches those key words, your business ad will appear. You can then choose the location of your ad. Google Ads enables you to pick a certain radius, region, or country for your ad to appear. Finally, you can set a monthly budget for your campaign.

You will set a monthly budget cap and Google Ads will never charge you more than this amount. There is no long term contract and you can change your budget or stop your ads at any time. You also only pay for results, such as when a customer takes action by clicking your ad to visit your website.