Apr 2023

Ep 9 - Tanner Mullen: Innovating in Home Services and Automating Business Operations

Tanner Mullen is the owner of Premium Painting, a high-quality residential painting business, and the founder of DripJobs, a leading software platform designed to help home service professionals improve their business operations and increase efficiency. He is also the host of the popular podcast Contractor Secrets, where he shares his experiences, tips and advice with fellow industry professionals.

About the Business


“You have people that take action and people that don’t. Taking action is the key. It’s the successful person’s gift.”

1) The importance of integrating technology and automation into a service-based business. 2) Developing DripJobs, a software platform for home service pros, to improve business operations and increase efficiency. 3) Tanner’s journey from working in restaurants to running a software company and a podcast. 4) The importance of taking action for success in business. 5) Tanner’s vision for the future of trades


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