May 2024

Ep 39: Matt Hitchcock - Laying stripes and pursuing dreams

The Grass Guys, LLC, is a landscaping company based in Evansville, Indiana, owned by Matt Hitchcock. The business, established in 2000, primarily specializes in servicing high-end residential properties. Matt transitioned back to operating the company full-time in 2019, after spending years managing it as a side gig alongside a corporate job. The Grass Guys focuses on personalized, high-quality service, with most new clients coming from word-of-mouth recommendations and a dedicated online presence.

About the Business


My dad said, “Why do you want to work for somebody else when you can work for yourself? I’m like, yeah, that’s true. You should put your toe in the water and definitely, definitely take the chance. For the most part, you’ll be happy you did.”

1. Matt Hitchcock started his landscaping business at 15, inspired by his father’s entrepreneurship. 2. Transitioned to full-time running of The Grass Guys in 2019 after gaining financial stability and insurance access through his wife’s job. 3. Gives high importance to meticulous work, especially in creating visually appealing stripes with his mowers. 4. Emphasizes the benefits of switching to cashless, card-on-file payment systems for better cash flow and reliability.


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