Mar 2024

Ep 34: John Brouder - The Evolution of Brouder & Sons: A family’s landscape legacy

Brouder & Sons Landscaping and Irrigation, owned by John Brouder, is a specialized landscaping company based in North Andover, Massachusetts, focusing on hardscapes, irrigation, and low voltage lighting, having transitioned away from lawn maintenance to concentrate on these areas. Emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction, the business has cultivated a strong reputation, evidenced by a five-star rating across 30 Google reviews. John and his small, dedicated team of three, including himself, pride themselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, partly thanks to the personal involvement and hands-on approach John brings to each project. The company also engages in seasonal activities such as snow plowing during the winter months, showcasing their versatility and commitment to serving the community’s needs year-round.

About the Business


“Last year was the first year in 35 years that my health affected me… I think you can tell from talking to me, I’m a bit of a micromanager, but I was forced to turn over the reins to my son David. He ran my business most of last season. And he ran a $75,000 job for us. It came out beautiful. Those are my proudest moments. It’s mostly related to my sons.”

1. John Brouder transitioned his business focus from lawn maintenance to hardscapes, irrigation, and low voltage lighting due to the low profitability and high competition of lawn mowing. 2. Brouder & Sons Landscaping and Irrigation plows driveways in the winter to keep busy during the off-season. 3. The business experiences seasonal variations, with a noted change in client engagement and project scale since COVID-19. 4. John’s proudest moments involve witnessing his sons successfully manage significant projects for the company, demonstrating their capabilities and potentially securing the company’s future succession.


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