Mar 2024

Ep 32: Donald Gilbert - Chain links and family ties: The story of 4 in the Fire Fencing

4 in the Fire Fencing is a family-operated fencing company based in Darlington, South Carolina, started by Donald Gilbert alongside his two teenage sons and his best friend, collectively referred to as the founding “four” behind the company name. The business has experienced significant growth, enabling the hiring of three additional workers to handle the strong demand for their services. The company name and ethos draw from a biblical reference, reflecting the owners’ Christian faith and commitment to providing service that glorifies this aspect of their identity. They aim for high-quality craftsmanship and are devoted to customer satisfaction, offering a 15-year warranty on their workmanship as part of their commitment to excellence and reliability in fencing solutions.

About the Business


“Well there’s nothing that’s that I can be more proud of than my children. They were nine years old when everybody started helping me. They were so small, their hand could reach through the chain link and tighten up a nut.... their growth, their skill level, their dedication is unmatched. I very, very much am proudest of them.”

1. The origin and significance of the company name “4 in the Fire Fencing,” including the biblical reference. 2. Donald Gilbert’s emphasis on treating customers as friends and maintaining a high level of honesty and integrity in his business practices. 3. The transformation and growth of the business, from Donald and his sons building fences part-time, to hiring additional workers and planning future expansions. 4. The role and impact of having a professional website through Topline Pro, including attracting customers and establishing credibility in the business.


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