Jun 2023

Ep 15 - Shawn van Dyke: Strategies and systems for building a profitable construction business

Built to Build Academy is a resource for construction business owners looking to improve their companies by implementing proven systems, increasing their profits, and achieving a better work-life balance. The academy offers training and coaching on specific systems and processes, guided by industry expert Shawn van Dyke, who brings over 20 years of experience in construction management and helping businesses become more successful.

About the Business


“Construction business owners are slow to adopt new technology, and I totally understand why... There’s a long list of products that are the latest and greatest and then they have warranty issues or whatever. But you can’t apply that mentality to automation and what’s going on right now… If you wait another year and think like, okay, we’ll jump on the ChatGPT thing, you’re gonna be left behind.”

1. Shawn Van Dyke’s journey from construction management to starting his own construction business, coaching contractors, and starting an academy 2. The importance of systematizing a construction business to improve profitability and streamline operations 3. How to overcome the trap of not charging enough for your services 4. Sell the process first to ensure a successful project. 5. Spend two years becoming an indispensable employee before venturing out on your own.


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