Mar 2023

Ep 5: Dustin Boone| The Leap to Full-Time: A Landscaping Pro's Journey

DB's Lawn Care starting in 2021 as a side hustle for Dustin Boone and has flourished into a successful Lawn Care and Landscaping business in New Jersey. Two years ago, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dustin decided to cut some lawns to make a little bit of money and save up for a family trip to Disney. Word of mouth spread quickly and within the first year, he was working 40 hours in corrections and another 20-30 hours a week on top of that.

About the Business


"When I first started I was just here to help people and make some money on the side. I would see the multi-million dollar businesses around town. I didn't think I had that, but what I did was I took all my savings to invest in the business. I went into it investing everything in myself, even with the doubters, it's critical to believe in yourself."

1) Advice for those starting their own business: understand your worth, don’t undercharge yourself, and hire people with a good background. 2) Dustin shares his goal for his business is to pass something off to his kids, give his wife the life of working only two days a week, and teach his kids the value of working and loving what they do. 3) Dustin highlights the importance of building an online presence to amplify his word of mouth growth as well as other physical marketing tactics in the area.


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