Having a Website Can Help Landscapers and Pressure Washers Make Money During Winter

Winter is not merry for everyone. You will agree more if you are a landscaper or a pressure washer. The need for landscaping in the winter reduces significantly. The same happens to pressure washing services. But you can still make money in the winter only if you are innovative enough. And your website can help you a lot in ensuring that.

Landscapers and pressure washers can focus on generating more organic traffic to their websites in winter for better sales. Using the website, they can promote their winter-specific services. Making the website online shopping-friendly will confirm more sales as well. Also, they can ensure smooth future sales by making more engagements with clients through the website.

This article is a guide for landscapers and pressure washers on how to use their websites for a better business during the slow months of winter. It also includes some innovative winter service ideas for entrepreneurs of both sectors to help you keep the business going by providing some winter specific services. So, keep on reading to learn more about surviving through the winter.  

How A Website Can Increase Your Sales During Winter?

A website can boost the business of landscapers and pressure washers in many ways. You can increase your sales by receiving online inquiries from the website and promoting winter-specific services with it.

Making engagements with new clients by interacting with them via the website is also an effective way to ensure continuing business throughout the cold months and ensure a wider customer base by spring when business starts to pick up. So, let’s take a look at the various ways having a website can help you through the slow month of winter.

Increase Organic Traffic

In winter, people stay indoors most of the time and spend more time online. Landscapers and pressure washers can communicate with potential clients using their websites. For that, you need to increase the organic traffic of their websites. The best way to increase organic traffic is to optimize your website for your target customers.

All the contents of your website should contain useful information and good advice for your possible clients. They should directly address the concerns and problems of the target customers regarding landscaping and pressure washing. Quality educational blogs and articles will only help the potential clients to have trust in you as a professional.

The contents of your website should also rank high in the search results of popular search engines like Google. To make it happen, you need to implement proper SEO techniques. For example, while writing blogs, you should frequently use keywords that are used the most in the winter. Present your business agendas in the web contents in a subtle but precise manner.

Promote Winter-Specific Services

A good entrepreneur always succeeds in finding a way to survive the odds. The challenges winter brings to landscaping and pressure washing businesses should be dealt with using innovative new services. Use your website as a strong tool to campaign for new innovative business ideas. If your way of promoting is as innovative as your business plan, you will surely get responses.

A landscaper can come up with new attractive packages for taking care of lawns in the winter. Using the existing tools of landscaping, you can get busy with snow-removal projects. Decorating the outdoors for Christmas is also a lucrative business for winter that goes with the landscaping business. Remember to advertise these services on your website with images.

If you are a pressure washer, you can also advertise your innovative winter-specific services on your website. Using the pressure pump outdoors in winter can be harmful. But there is no harm in using them to remove mold and mildews inside a house. You may announce a special discount on mold-cleaning packages in winter using the website.

Utilize Online Promotions

Nowadays, it is very easy to reach targeted potential customers using social media. They are not expensive at all. Make some little investments to promote your website using the advertisements of social media like Facebook or Instagram.

You will be surprised to see how effective the advertisements of social media can be. You should utilize it the most to get more traffic to your website. All your efforts to optimize our websites will go in vain if there is not enough traffic.

Get Help from Social Influencers

Online social influencers can do magic so far promoting a business is concerned. If you want to make your website popular overnight, you can use the help of a social influencer. A fancy and creative social influencer will promote your website so delicately that his followers will hardly notice it as a promotion.

The millions of followers of a social influencer can easily find their way to your website if you can manage to make a deal with them. Maybe a small part of the new viewers will become your clients. But one thing for sure is that the high traffic will make your website popular with search engines.

Make Online Booking and Payments Easier

The conversion ratio of viewers to clients can become very poor if the online booking process is difficult. The online order procedure should be so easy that a school going boy should be able to do it.

This could be a game-changer step for this winter for your landscaping or pressure washing business. I bet no matter how much you spend on this, you will get a rewarding return on investment.

4 Ways to Utilize the Winter for Future Sales

The winter is bad for your business whether it is landscaping or pressure washing. But this is not the end of the world! A few months later, spring will come when your business will definitely start to pick up.

But it will go a lot better if you utilize the winter to enhance the various aspects of your business. Everything you do to improve your business will take some time to show the results. So, instead of spending winter in dismay and inertia, you can follow these methods to create a new client base.

1. Creating Lead Generation Websites

Creating lead generation websites is the recent online marketing technique to make engagements with potential clients. These websites collect emails, phone numbers and other significant information from a website viewer so that you can promote your business to them via email, phone call and other methods.

You should make a database with the potential customers' information and use it for regular correspondence. Personal emailing is a very strong tool to make an impression on the customer.  Creating a periodic newsletter on landscaping or pressure washing and sending them to future clients through emails will make you a trustworthy service provider.

2. Improve the Website

Your website will be of no use if it contains content with backdated information. Moreover, if the overall look of the website is not attractive, it cannot bring in new customers. You can use the idle time of winter to update and renovate your website and make it impressive.

The more interactive and attractive you make you website, the higher the chances will be for your visitors to convert to customers. You should update your website with the latest service photos and offerings you have to ensure your content is engaging and relevant. This will give them a sense of security towards your brand and encourage them to try your services.  

Most importantly, during the winter, make efforts to make your website search-engine-optimized by the help of an SEO specialist. That can be the most crucial next step for your business.

3. Embrace New Ideas & Technology

You will gradually get out of business if you do not update yourself with all the new ideas and technologies related to your business. During the lazy winter, embrace new thoughts and become a leader of the sector by utilizing the latest technologies in the field. A good option to upgrade yourself can be taking up new professional courses in the winter.

Regularly write and publish the new thoughts you have absorbed in the blogs and articles of your website. This will make your website enriched as well. And this will also market your experience and knowledge to your customer base further enhancing the credibility of your brand.

4. Adopt Better Business Strategy

Like the expertise of landscaping or pressure washing, your overall business strategy should also be upgraded with time. No matter how good your service is, it will not bring you money if there is any lacking in your business strategy.

Upgrading your business strategy can involve finding out a new target group of potential clients, redefining the selling points of your business, and adopting an effective marketing plan. You can temporarily hire a business strategist to further refine your marketing sector and business plans.

5 Services Landscapers Can Provide During Winter

You can use your website to showcase season specific services by updating your service catalogue. This will ensure your business remains as busy in the winter as it is the rest of the year. Now, what do landscapers do in the winter?

Snow removal projects, leaf and weed removal projects, and winter lawn care services are some of the things that landscapers can do to make money during the winter.

Besides, gutter cleaning, firewood delivery, and Christmas decorations are some of the other services they can offer during the wintertime. Here are some ideas for the landscapers for winter.

1. Winter Lawn Care Services

Your clients no doubt spend a lot of money to maintain their land in peak shape during the summertime. So, they won’t want their property to get damaged during the winter.

That’s why winter lawn care is a strategy for them all to protect their property well through the late winter season. Also, it would be a good idea for you to grab this chance to make some money.

2. Snow Removal Project

Snow removal seems to be the most common off-season job for landscapers. The landscapers already have the trucks for use in the summertime. So, the only thing left is to attach a removable snowblower at the front. It is no doubt a viable approach to make money throughout the off-season.

Whenever it snows, companies, condominium units, and homeowners always want someone to remove the snow from their property. So, using your landscape business website, you can simply establish snow removal services. It is a terrific way to generate additional income.

3. Christmas Decoration

Landscapers may make a lot of money doing this over the winter. A single building might cost about $1000 in labor and materials, plus the amount of disposal. However, the cost depends on the size and location of the project. Moreover, for an extra price, many landscapers may also store their clients’ lights until the following year.

Entering into this sector, however, requires a lot of effort as well as more preparation than most of the other slow-season job ideas. If you determine that this would be the best step for your company, you will have to devise a disposal timetable that will keep the clients satisfied.

4. Leaf & Weed Removal Services

Most people equate leaf sweeping with autumn. However, leaf cleaning is frequently required in the cold months to keep your lawn clean and neat. Since some trees require more time to drop all of their leaves, removing leaves typically necessitates numerous visits.

You must try to contact individuals who have large or several trees on their lawn. They are frequently the ones interested in paying for periodic leaf removal projects. Based on the time the snow keeps off, it might take around 6 to 8 weeks to remove the leaves.

5. Gutter Cleaning Project

Gutter cleaning is a basic service that everybody requires and that you might provide without purchasing any new tools. Waiting a long time to clear leaves, as well as other garbage from the gutters can lead to expensive consequences, such as structural damage or roof leakage to your home.

Whereas most householders understand the need to clean their gutters before the wintertime, some would prefer to delegate this task to somebody else. So, gutter cleaning might become a profitable addition to your landscaping business portfolio because it requires no special tools or machinery.

5 Services Pressure Washers Can Add To Their List

Pressure washers can also use their website to update their services with the coming of winter. This way they can ensure continuous engagement with both new and old customers. Let, check out what do pressure washing companies do in the winter.

Handyman services, roof repairing, wildlife trapping, etc., are a few of the things that pressure washers can do to earn money during cold winter months. The following are some of the ideas for pressure washers to earn money during winter.

1. Handyman Services

Apart from pressure washing, pressure washers can also provide different handyman services during the winter season. Homeowners often face different repair issues in their homes. And, especially during the colder months, they might need different services, such as sealing windows and doors, fixing the siding, checking the HVAC system, and so on.

Although many house fittings can be easily replaced, some property owners prefer to hire an expert due to their busy schedule and to ensure the job is done correctly. Since many fixture repair operations don’t necessitate a license, you can easily add this to your service list.

2. Roof Repair

Inspecting and preparing the roof for the wintertime is an important aspect of house maintenance that most homeowners prioritize. The roof protects the home from the weather. So, maintaining it in good condition can save them lots of future hassles and frustration.

Many homeowners have a tight schedule. So, they can’t make up the time for maintaining and repairing their roof on their own. So, you can add roof repairing services to your list during the wintertime to earn some extra money.

3. Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams are one of the most common problems in the wintertime that most property owners have to deal with, especially in cold weather areas. Well, ice dams become heavier as they form. And, once the weather gets warm enough for the ice to melt, the dam might break and fall to the floor, often dragging the gutter along with it.

Ice dams can also cause damage to the rooftop in many ways. For instance, if the water enters and gets frozen among the shingles, it will eventually lead to the shingles loosening. Thus, it will pierce the roof layers, causing leakage and internal water damage.

4. Mold and Mildew Removal

Mold and mildew grow in moist environments. So, winter is the ideal time to use expert pressure washing to remove filth and mold from property driveways, sidings, decks, patios, as well as different hard surfaces.

Regardless of the weather, your experienced pressure washing professionals can deal with a range of materials. Moreover, your team can also utilize specific cleaning chemicals and procedures to maintain the clean and nice look of a property’s exterior. So, you can add the mold and mildew removal project to your service list to earn a few extra bucks during the off-season.

5. Wildlife Trapping Services

Homeowners frequently face problems with animals coming onto their property. They don’t know if an animal is infected with a virus or not. So, they stay cautious about approaching an animal since they might get clawed or bitten. It might also result in an infection that might be life-threatening.

When they notice an animal moving or hovering near your home, they immediately contact a wildlife trapping company. So, if you include wildlife trapping services in your list, you might have a chance to earn some money during the winter season.


Whether its pressure washing or landscaping in the winter, it is hard to make money during the snowy months of winter. Your regular services simply won’t be in demand.

But you can improve this down time to work on your website and other business aspects to reach a wider customer base by spring when demand for your service increases. Also using your website you can constantly update your services to provide what’s in demand for the season to ensure the highest customer engagement all year round.

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