Announcing Series A funding to continue reshaping economic opportunity for home service businesses

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $12M in Series A funding led by Forerunner Ventures along with continued support from Bonfire Ventures, TMV, and BBG Ventures.

We’re accelerating our mission to empower the more than 5 million home service small businesses in the U.S. to succeed by democratizing the building blocks of running a home service business. We are proud of our impact to date, generating more than $180M jobs through the Topline Pro platform for our customers. By trusting Topline Pro to power their online presence, Lauren has grown her painting business from $0 to nearly $1M in revenue and Jered has scaled his landscaping business from $70k to more than $2M in revenue.

Home service business owners have historically been exploited by agencies that charge thousands of dollars for services that Topline Pro offers with higher quality and at a fraction of the cost given our use of AI. We’ve also aligned our incentives. Rather than relying on inefficient and costly marketplaces, home service small business owners have power to grow and operate their business directly with Topline Pro.

We’re just getting started. We’re using the capital raised to invest in our customers, our product, and our team. We’re committing to our core product offerings to help home service businesses be discovered, trusted, and booked.

Initially, we focused on increasing pro’s discoverability—not just through a website but through their broader online presence with Google Maps to social media to AI-generated paid ads and organic inbound content. We now provide tools for a range of business growth and operations, such as managing reviews, online bookings, secure payments, and more. We’re enabling pros to more efficiently and effectively run their business with the latest tech, which historically hasn’t been accessible for them.

We’re also investing in our customer success team to ensure success for the thousands of home service businesses working with us. We’re proud to have more than 100 5-star reviews already, and we’ll utilize this capital to further increase the experience we provide to our customers.

If you are a home service business owner who wants to grow your business or if you are equally inspired by our mission to empower the backbone of our economy, we’d love to chat with you.

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