15 spot on painter memes that will leave you in tears

The painting life is not for the weak-hearted. Customers can be picky, cheap, and a lot of the time, they simply don’t understand how a good paint-job gets done. That said, some pretty funny stuff can happen, and there’s a ton of good meme content out there for painters to laugh at. We’ve done some research and put together our 15 favorite memes from the internet for painters. Enjoy!

Ah, yes. The jokester.

The best type of customer.

Underratedly awesome feeling.

The world is your canvas. Really just these living room walls, but that's all you need.

Messed around and hired a human paintbrush subcontractor.

For when you need a little extra help.

Oh, shagadelic baby.

Ohhh, we're halfway there! Ohhh, livin' on the edge!

Bob Ross vs. expert interior painter in a paint-off.

Expert interior painter wins that contest 10 times out of 10.

Big W.

The highs are so high...

Big L.

And the lows are so low.

Here, we revisit the chatty jokester-customer. Pro-tip: always bring headphones to a job.

Listening to some good music while rolling on a fresh coat of paint? Satisfaction level 10,000.

Ah, the mooch.

Everyone's got that one friend, right?

This never ceases to amaze me.

Might have to drop this whole ProPhone gig to invent a better paint roller.

Not particularly relevant to the painters we’re talking about here, but...

This one was worth it for the laugh.

Wow, I haven’t seen a Bad Luck Brian meme since like 2012.

How about we bring it back?

It appears I’ve gotten off track, but...

This is too much to handle.

For the more seasoned painters?

Not sure I get this one, but hope you'll have a laugh.


So so happy.

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