Dec 2023

Ep 29: Jack McLiver - The journey from Boy Scouts to starting Lake Huron Lawns

Lake Huron Lawns, owned by Jack McLiver, is a comprehensive lawn care and snow removal business located in Port Huron, Michigan. The company prides itself on providing high-quality services, ranging from mowing and maintenance to seasonal cleanups. Under Jack’s leadership, the business continues to grow, with goals to double in size and maintain high service standards for both residential and commercial clients.

About the Business


“I still think it’s an American dream for everybody to work for themselves, be a business owner. I think for the majority, there’s still a dream to have some freedom, and there’s nothing better than just getting out there and talking to people and being proud of what you got.”

1. Jack McLiver’s transition from working at the Boy Scouts to starting his own lawn care and snow removal business, Lake Huron Lawns, during the COVID pandemic in 2020. 2. The implementation of technology and credit card on file systems to optimize and grow Lake Huron Lawns, moving away from paper-based systems. 3. Jack’s grassroots marketing strategy: distributing flyers with a “2 free mow” promotion all over the neighborhood. 4. Jack McLiver’s plans for the growth of Lake Huron Lawns by focusing on sales, stepping away from fieldwork, and aiming to double the business size each year. 5. Jack’s reason for getting a website: boosting credibility, attracting new business, customer retention and strategic marketing efforts for company growth.


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