Nov 2023

Ep 27: Skyler Stocker - From supervising a turkey factory to Stocker Lawn Care

Stocker Lawn Care is a lawn care and pressure washing and gutter cleaning company based in Portia, Arkansas. The company was started about nine years ago by Skyler Stocker, who initially worked the business part-time while maintaining a full-time position at a turkey factory. However, as the business began to grow, Skyler decided to focus on his lawn care company full time. Stocker Lawn Care has since experienced steady growth and now services a mix of residential and commercial clients with a team that ranges from three to eight-plus individuals during peak season.

About the Business


“Probably the best thing in everything you do: do a good job. Just do a good job and show up when you tell ’em. I know it’s kind of easy, and it’s not what you want to hear, but that is definitely the most important thing… Do a good job on everything, no shortcuts.” - Skyler Stocker

1. Skyler Stocker began his lawn care business by chance when he started mowing a neighbor’s yard. His business expanded through word of mouth recommendations, and eventually he quit his full time job at a turkey factory to focus on running his business full-time. 2. Stocker Lawn Care expanded its services from just lawn mowing to also include pressure washing and gutter cleaning due to customer requests. By consistently providing reliable and quality service, the company has grown its customer base significantly over the years. 3. Stocker believes the key to his business growth is offering quality services, being reliable and always showing up as promised. Despite the lack of online presence until now, his business has been able to double its revenue yearly for several years, attributed to their strong reputation. 4. Stocker Lawn Care recently launched a website for better online presence. Skyler uses door hangers for physical advertising and plans to put up signs in their new shop. His goal for the business is to continue growing without compromising on the quality of their services.


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