How to generate quotes for your cleaning business

Whether you’ve been in the cleaning industry for some time or are just getting started, we know that it can often be tricky to generate quotes for your cleaning business leads. That's why we have created this simple guide that walks you through what you should consider when deciding your prices and how to go about communicating them with your customers.

1. Collect the right information

2. Understand your competition

3. Know your costs and services

4. Calculate the price

5. Communicate your services

6. Following up on quotes

7. Keep prices consistent

Before diving into advice for each of these steps, it is worth highlighting that cleaning pros across the industry have different approaches to quoting their customers, but one thing is clear in that you should focus on accounting for the value you bring your customers and not be afraid to charge for that value.

Example input from cleaning professionals on Facebook about quoting

1. Collect the right information

The largest factors in determining your prices will be the actual amount of labor and time you will need to complete the job. Therefore, before offering any sort of cleaning quote, you will need to have knowledge of the following about the client's home or commercial space:

  • square footage of space
  • number of bedrooms & bathrooms
  • any additional rooms such as laundry, kitchen, etc.
  • number of stories or floors
  • pet ownership
  • the extent of cleaning that is expected (is it just maintenance or is it a disaster scene?)
  • do they require services that need special equipment (window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.)
  • type of flooring through the home
  • how far away is the site from where you are located?
  • one time cleaning or recurring service
  • Is the customer providing supplies or are you expected to

2. Understand the competition

If you are new to the business or are looking to improve on your price calculating methods, we suggest checking out what your competition is charging for similar jobs in the area.

This will give you a sense of what the fair price is and how your prices stack up with other competing services that your clients have also reached out to. That is not to say that you should price your services below or above theirs, but it's important for you to be within the price range of other cleaning companies and that you can justify whatever prices you choose to charge.

If you are wondering how to determine this you can try a few things. First, you can search for cleaners near you on Google and see if they list prices on their professional websites. If prices are not listed you can always call as if you were a potential customer, but do be mindful of not wasting the other pros time or expectations.

3. Know your costs and services

While it's great to know the price per square feet or have an idea of quotations given out by other local cleaning services, it's just as important to know what your costs are so you can understand your bottom line. You do not want to discount your prices too low that they cannot cover your overhead costs or allow you to run a sustainable business. At the same time if you find that the services you offer are more premium (e.g., you only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies with no chemicals), then it's important to factor in the higher costs into your pricing.

You should also keep in mind that if you want to bring on additional employees, you will need to set prices high enough to cover the additional labor costs. Typically you will want to leave enough profit (usually 20%- 30%) for your business. If you want to learn more about calculating hourly rates for employees click HERE.

4. Calculating the price

If you have been in the industry for an extended amount of time, you may have your own methods already of calculating prices based on the previous information.

Typically after you understand the price point of other cleaners and cleaning services  in your area, you can offer a tentative quote (remember that a quote is not final until you have actually seen the property) based on the hourly breakdown of services.

For example, say it will take you 1 hour to clean the living area of a home and an additional ½ hour for each of 3 bedrooms and their adjacent bathrooms. This means that the total job will take you 2.5 hours. Now multiply 2.5 hours x $30 per hour = $75.

This is your baseline price, in which you may want to factor in additional expenses (within reason) such as payroll taxes if you have employees, workers compensation, special cost for cleaning supplies, and costs for extra services etc.

Lastly, it's also important to consider whether the quote is for a one off job or potential reoccurring business. For jobs that may require weekly or monthly cleaning, it can make sense to offer a small discount to win over the business. The price difference can usually be made up from new customer referrals and work efficiencies from being familiar with the property.

5. Communicate your services

The best way to set your cleaning business up for success is to ensure a smooth communication process with your clients and any prospective leads.

If you are offering a quote in any manner other than a walk-through of the space you will be cleaning, be sure to let your clients know that the estimates you provide over the phone or via your website are simply estimates, not a confirmed price. This will allow you to adjust your total fee based on variables such as excessive clutter, mess, or unusually dirty appliances.

Generally it's a good idea to break down the pricing of your services so that customers know exactly what they are paying for. When quoting by the hour, it is also good to note the cleaning supplies and equipment that will be included in addition to the services offered.

You should also make sure your client is clear about your policies for payment, deposit, and potential property damage. We recommend to request payment at the time of service to avoid the hassle of having to track down late paying customers. If your client will not be at home at the time of service, you should agree upon a designated place in the house that the client can leave their cash or check on the day of service.

6. Follow up on quotes

After you have gained an initial lead and provided them with a quote, it is important to follow up with them about your offer if you don't hear back. Clients often receive cleaning estimates and then get too busy to follow through on booking. You can start by sending a simple text message like the one below to let your prospective client know that you are genuinely interested in helping them.

Message Example:

Hello Fred,

Hope your week is going well! Just following up about your cleaning service request for your home. Feel free to give us a call to schedule your service appointment. We are always here to help!

Best wishes,

Mike & the Sparkle Cleaning Service team

7. Keep Prices Consistent

As you establish your cleaning business and grow your business, do your best to keep prices for the same service offering as consistent as possible. As you grow larger your pricing will naturally become more transparent. Customers that find out they are paying more for the same service will be unhappy.

A great way to help build a consistent and trustworthy brand is to list out your general prices on your website. It’s also another place to beat your competition, showing you offer more for the same or better rates. Make sure to check other people’s sites so they’re not out-performing you though.

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