How to create a Facebook business page

A Facebook business page is an easy way for customers to discover your company, ask questions and even book jobs online. Not only that, but a Facebook business page is free and can be created with little to no online experience.

Creating a Facebook business page and a Google My Business Page are great free ways to start building online presence for your company. This guide covers the basics of how to set up a Facebook business page as well as ways to optimize the page to help convert potential customers.

How long will setting up a Facebook business page for my business take?

15 minutes or less!

What do I need to set up a Facebook business page?

A personal profile and a computer.

How do I set up a Facebook business page?

Step 1: Create a personal Facebook page

A personal Facebook page is a standard profile that is not associated with your business, but rather your personal self. Facebook requires that a personal profile is set up in order to create a business page.

How to set up a personal Facebook page:

  1. Visit
  2. Follow the prompts on the screen to create a new account

Step 2: Go to create and page

Once you are logged into your personal Facebook account look at the top-right menu by clicking the "plus" sign.

Step 3: Add Page Name, Category and Description

Next you need to name your page and start to provide details that will be visible to customers. On the left hand side of the page you will enter in the page name (your business name), category and description. On the right hand side of the page you will start to see what your page will look like once created.

In the future you can edit this information so don't worry if things change about your business you can always update it. However, do not skip this step! This information will be critical for your customers to believe you have a professional business, to learn more about your company and for your business to appear in the search results.

Step 4: Add a Profile Photo and Cover Photo

These images should represent your business. The profile photo is a perfect place to upload a company logo.  If you do not have a logo make sure to have a professionally designed business logo for your landscaping business. In the meantime you can include a clear photo of your truck or group of employees together.

For your cover photo, this will be the first thing that customers and potential customers see when they come to your Facebook page. This photo should be professional looking. Examples of what to include here are:

  • Before and after photos of your work
  • A group photo of your team in company attire
  • A happy client standing in their new garden, patio or yard showcasing your work

The profile picture should be 180x180 pixel and your cover photo should be 820x312 pixel. If you do not photos of this size you can upload your image to a tool like Canva! If you want to learn more about Canva in this demo video.

Step 5: Provide Business Information and Preferences

Now your basic page will be created, but you need to add business information and preferences. On the top left of your page you will see a tracker that indicates the remaining steps to create the page.

  • Add your business website (if you don't have a website you can create a free website using Pro Phone Website Builder)
  • Add your business service area. You do not need to make this information public, but it will help to not waste time with leads outside your service area.
  • Add your business hours. Customers can still message you after these hours, but it will help customers know when they can expect a response.
  • Add your business phone number so customers know how to contact you. If you do not have a separate business phone number it's a great time to look into Pro Phone to get a separate business line on your personal phone that can automate time consuming tasks and allow you to spend more time in the field.
  • Update messaging preference so customers can contact you and know the best way to. Under messaging preferences you can connect a whatsapp if you have an account set up.

Step 6: Add an online booking option to convert leads into customers

At the top of your page you will see a CTA (Call to Action) button.

You can select where you want this to direct your customers from the list below. Facebook has many options for this. Recommend to either choose Book Now or to Send Message. Customers on Facebook are expecting a quick response time so it is best to have them be able to directly book using Facebook's booking tool or to start a conversation right away. The nice thing about Facebook conversations is that you can set up automated responses in case you are away from your messenger application.

Step 7: Invite friends and past customers to your page

You are almost ready to publish your page to the world! Last step is to kickstart your page by inviting friends to follow your business page. For the friends that you select Facebook will notify them about your page and provide a link to view it and follow the page. It is highly recommended to share with as many friends as you are comfortable with and to include past customers.

This completes your work in setting up a business Facebook page. Now you must remember to continue to grow your following by inviting future customers to your page, posting regular updates about your work (pictures go a long way) and keeping your information up to date.

Facebook business pages are a great source to direct traffic to your business phone. If you are utilizing a tool like Pro Phone you will be able to access many of the great features that Facebook offers like automated message replies not only to Facebook messenger conversations, but also to customers that call and text your business line.

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