13 Hilarious Landscaping Memes to Brighten Your Day

Being a Landscaping pro can bring on some difficult work. From tricky projects to difficult customers, there’s a lot that comes with the trade. That said, there’s always some room for humor. You guessed it. We’ve got you with the best landscaping memes on the internet. Enjoy!

1. Subcontractor level: Genius.

I mean, maybe, well...no, this is just bad.

2. They see me mowin'... they hatin'.

Early 2000s hits are always a work jam.

3. Ah yes, the wacky customers.

Maybe a spammer, maybe just a bad speller. But their house could definitely be in need of some trousers.

4. As the old saying goes, "early bird gets the worm!"

Guaranteed to make friends with the neighbors!

5. Creative landscaping

I think we can all appreciate the desert aesthetic in this landscape design.

6. Beast mode: activated.

Working harder and smarter...you love to see it!

7. Married to the landscaping game

Priorities, right?

8. This is brilliant! Oh wait...

Embarrassed at how long it took me to realize this was a joke.

9. It’s not the instrument that matters; it’s the musician.

Some say it's Mozart's long lost Symphony No. 42.

10. There’s a life lesson to be learned from Dandelions...

Just not sure what it is.

11. Uh duh...

I'm not a regular landscaper, I'm a cool landscaper.

12. Shaking my head...

Water they doing!

13. Pretty much spot on here.

You gotta stay on top of that stuff - amirite?

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