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About the app

With Quickbooks, you can manage your business accounting, payroll, and payments. You can sync all your accounts and monitor every transaction from your dashboard.

How it works

With QuickBooks, your business finances will all appear in one dashboard. You can invoice through QuickBooks, which will automatically match your payments. You can also store receipts and track mileage through their software to remain tax compliant. By connecting your bank and credit card accounts with QuickBooks, you can instantly view your profit and loss or balance sheets and receive insights about your income and cash flow. You can also utilize tools such as time tracking, inventory management, cloud accounting, and payment processing.

There are 4 main accounting tiers you can pay for. With Simple Start, for $25 a month, you can track your income and expenses, handle payments, run reports, capture receipts and miles, manage cash flow, track sales, send estimates, and manage 1099 contractors. For $50 a month, you can do all that and also include 3 users, manage bill pay, and track timesheets. For $80 a month, you can have 5 users and track inventory and project profitability. Finally, for $180 a month, you can have more than 5 users and additional analytics, insights, and functionalities.